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October 17, 2006



All the kids in my neigborhood have these - they are great for kids. Wish these were around when I was a kid.


i think this would be better off matching more for a lowrider bike


where can i get the spinnerZ in toronto on missasuga

Chris Will - SpinnerZ.com

SpinnerZ currently are not available in any stores in Canada. You can only purchase them on-line at:

Chris Will - SpinnerZ.com

SpinnerZ will fit on a Low Rider style bike as long as it has 20" wheels or larger. We tried them on that style bike for the SpinnerZ commercial - very cool!


I bought some of the spinner-z's.I found them to be very safe for kids and nicely designed.Very good product.Im also working on makeing the spinners glow in the dark.Im trying to use a long lasting newer type of glow powder.The spinners can make a great safety device for kids or adults,while riding.I personally suggest people buy them for thier childrens bikes as a extra safety measure.

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